Lines Deluxe 7.3

Lines Deluxe 7.3

Align balls into lines of the same color to wipe them off
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This is a remake of the classic Lines game. It starts with a squared board of 9 by 9 where three balls are chosen from seven distinct colors. The purpose is to form lines of the same color to eliminate them. It may seem simple but as the level increases a more strategic approach is needed.

The ultimate goal is to align balls into lines of the same color, which causes them to be wiped off the board thus scoring points. The rule is that only one ball may be moved every turn, and it can only be moved if there is a clear path to its destination. The hard part is each time a ball moves, new balls will appear on the game board.

We must create lines to stop the board from filling up; and as the space becomes insufficient, there will be fewer useful moves to choose from, and the game becomes increasingly difficult. This new version is improved as the balls on the field interact with the player, while several outstanding bonus features make the playing experience exciting and fun.

This one is not simply about moving the balls around the game board to form nice orderly lines of 5 or more. It gets addictive, and you simply cannot stop playing. Various difficulty levels make it fun for both amateurs and professionals.

RI Senior editor
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  • Lots of levels
  • Lite game few system requirements to be played
  • Good graphics
  • Integrated Tutorial


  • Can be mastered easily



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